The Cannabinoids US Tour 2011

The Cannabinoids US Tour 2011
Welcome to the Human Brain….And the Science of Addiction
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The Cannabinoids featuring Erykah Badu, 8 Cities US, Support: Theophilus London.

The Cannabinoids represent a musical exploration of the science of addiction. It’s the sensational reaction created when the synthetic combines with the organic, and The Cannabinoids are the receptors that bind the experience. The project was originally conceived when Erykah Badu sought to manifest live musical improvisation utilizing the tools of studio tracking and hip-hop production. Inspired by her cosmic collaborations for her award-winning New Amerykah, Part I album release in 2008, Erykah reached out to musicians, DJs, and beatsmiths from her hometown of Dallas, Texas, whom she felt would be able to vibe with the concept. The musical concept was improvisation, and has developed into a live “remix” set. The ideological concept was akin to the studies done on cannabinoid receptors, which identified specific proteins present in the brain that are responsible for the euphoric effects of cannabis. With each member of the group assigned a specific cannabinoid (musical role), the receptors proceed to serve as a catalyst to inspire creation in each other, and to collectively create a psychedelic, live hip-hop experience for the audience.

Introducing: in no certain order:

1. Jah Born – HU-210… as cerebral cortex aka grey matter (control’s thinking)

2. Erykah Badu – THC as sarah bellum aka medulla oblongata (known as the ‘little brain’/controls heart rate)

3. DJ Big Texas – SR141716 as sphenoid (bone in skull that is known as ‘two great wings’)

4. RC Williams – JWH-133 as maxilla (part of skull that fuses 2 halves of mental symphysis)

5. Symbolyc One – NABILONE as somatosensory cortex (triggers the sensation or experience of touch)

6. Rob Free – LEVONANTRADOL as superior colliculus aka substantia nigra (generator of hand eye coordination/black substance in midbrain)

7. Picnic – MARINOL as corpus callosum aka white matter (connects right and left cerebral hemispheres)

8. A1 – SATIVEX as cingulated gyrus (controls emotion, memory, processing, learning)

9. Cleon Edwards – GOOD FOOT – as Tetrahydrocannabinol aka Delta9 (the main psychoactive substance found in the cannabis plant)